Writing Romance

How to write romance booksWriting romance novels may seem as ordinary as writing any other genre, however, there are basic tenets that should influence the authorship of such novels, and these are topical aspects of writing romance novels that every author needs to bet acquainted with.

Good dialogue is one important aspect of romance novels. The message in a romance novel is borne in the dialogues between the characters. The most important conversations are those that revolve around the main characters. Every author should ensure that the dialogue is great and vivid to highlight the chemistry between the two main characters. Vivid writing also gives consideration to the levels of explicitness in a novel. The hidden attraction between the hero and heroine in the initial stages should be brought out in a subtle manner without exposing too much too soon. Such is the precision required for the romance novels.

“You had me at hello.”
“You complete me,”
1966 Jerry Maguire

Point of View
The point of view of the novel is also quite relevant. The romance novels are often written from the perspective of the woman. This is done for two major reasons, the majority of the romance readers are women, and it satisfies the clientele when they feel part of the novel through reading it from their perspectives in life. Secondly, women are emotional beings and hence it is easy to appeal to their emotional sides. This is one factor that influences the choice of perspective in writing. The position of the man is expressed by the woman who tells her story based n her perception of the man.

Keep it simple and Keep it real
The romance novels are mostly short, and this means that the novel is focused on the lives of both hero and heroine without much focus on the people outside the relationship, every author should evaluate the importance of developing a large part of the story based on the lives of the key characters. This also helps in maintain the concentration of the readers.
The conflict in every romance novel must be as believable as possible. The relationship between the hero and the heroine can start when they have a lot of disdain for each other, although love should be beneath the surface of the hatred. Eventually, the two find common ground from where a friendship blossoms. The conflict would also cause coma as a result of the challenges that they meet in their lives. The obstacle that is developed should seem to impede any attempts of the two a getting together. Conflict is what drives romance novels as it keeps the readers engaged and the suspense that it creates helps in maintaining the readership of the romance novel. For example, the heroine is about to be married off to another suitor who is richer than the hero. Dowry has been paid and the hero there when the bridal procession has just left, he wants to follow them, but he has no car… such a conflict keeps the reader in baited breath with a lot of questions on what happens next. Properly developed conflict is very helpful in writing romance novels.