Why Write?

Are you considering writing as a part-time job? To have the freedom to work whenever and wherever you feel most comfortable and still manage to earn a littlebooks cash without a boss constantly nagging you? To be able to use your own skill and earn a little cash on the side without having to answer to anyone else can have both emotional and monetary benefits. There is a sense of freedom you get when becoming a part time writer that is truly liberating.

Students, working professionals, moms, and almost everyone who is passionate about writing have made writing a part-time job. But aside from being one of the most in demand skills online, what makes writing the best part-time job for you? Here’s why.

Freedom to choose what to write. This is favorable for people who like certain subjects or love the thrill of researching new topics. There is diversity of subjects in the market to choose from for different types of writers out there, and writers who love what they write are most likely to produce great compositions. But when offering your writing services though, you have to very specific with what niches or categories you are most comfortable or competent with so that you can always a produce a high quality output for your client. Writing unfamiliar topics can lead to stress because you will double your effort not just in writing but also in researching.

Freedom to choose where to write. Whether it’s in a school cafeteria, a private study or somewhere with a good internet connection, part time writers can choose where they can produce their best ideas and best compositions without being tied down to a specific office or having to dress for the job. During your free time, you can just find a place where you can use your laptop to start or finish a pending writing task. It’s a great way to maximize your time everyday.

Freedom to choose when to write. Some writers work best in the cool morning air and some work best in the dark of the evening. Whichever preference there is, a part time writer has the freedom to write whenever he pleases without the restriction of the 9-to-5 time frame a typical job has. This is especially relevant to students and working professionals. By becoming a part-time writer, they get to choose when to write based on their schedule.

Freedom to choose how to write. Every author writes differently and uniquely, whether in an educative or humorous or romantic manner. Being able to write in a style preferred gives a writer authority and attachment to their work, and a way to refine their craft and individuality. But of course, if you are writing for someone lese, you must follow their preferred writing style and formatting.

Freedom to choose who to write for. There will still be a boss, but he wont  be behind you most of the time, constantly checking, constantly vexing employees, and constantly complaining. Mostly it will be a client-contractor relationship instead of an employer-employee one with the only element tying the two of you together being a project, giving both parties flexibility with their work.

Becoming a part time writer allows you to be passionate in a job of your choice without being tied or forced to a career. Consequently, writing part time can become a medium of success whether as an author or in another career.

Let the journey begin.