Setting The Tone

Setting the Tone The whole backbone of writing is language as it has the influence on determining the success or failure of a publication. Language bears the message, and it ensures the presence of an audience for the author. It is relevant that the author chooses language that best communicates the message. Each genre of writing has a specific language code that is to be used to bear the theme of the writing. The relationships in a writing are expressed through language as well as the plot development hence language is an important aspect of writing that should be given cognizance.

Diction in writing is determined by the genre, and the author is expected to pick words that best create the desired imagery for the readers. Murder and mystery novels are very descriptive in nature and to connect with the audience, the author must use highly descriptive language. For example, when talking about a weapon used by a murderer, it is not enough to just say a sharp sword. In as much as that communicates to the reader, it is just too ordinary and might not have the desired impact. Instead, the author could say ‘the glinting knife’ ‘razor-sharp knife.’ The image that these words create is more concrete, and the readers can begin to imagine the sharpness of the knife and they can mentally see the knife in the killer’s hand.

Mystery requires descriptive language and, at the same time not too revealing words. The reader has to be left wondering what the next move would be. The language that is used is supposed to heighten anticipation in the reader until the last paragraph when the story ends. Sometimes, it is ideal to leave the reader in suspense in the end as they then look forward to the next novel hoping it would continue with the story.

Language is also influential in the development of plot as it helps in connecting ideas and events. There is the need to employ sentence connectors that show relatedness in the story. Phrasal markers are integral in leading the reader through the story line. The author must be aware of the various relationships that are expected in the form of writing and mystery murder novels; the most used relationships are cause and effect which use transition words such as; consequently, because, as a result, and much more.

Finally, of importance is that the author must develop an understanding of a crime scene and issues related to death. The vocabulary that is chosen must paint the scenes with an absolute exactness. This will make the story very believable. The author must be aware of the implements used by a police officer as well as doctors. The choice of words will help the reader to imagine the manner of death of a victim or even the kind of scene a killer left behind, for instance;

‘the debris strewn all over”

“mangled wreckage”

“the brain of the woman splattered on the road’

will have the reader cringing in shock and disgust at the same time. The author should use language that is specific to this genre.