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Setting The scene For Horror Fiction WritingThe best advice on how to write horror stories is to get well acquainted with the writing of famous horror writers. This does not mean that you are to steal their ides. It helps you get an idea of how successful writers approach the setting of their scenes and may inspire you in the setting of your own scene in your horror novel.

Setting is important as it allows the reader to create a picture in their mind. As you read other horror novels in your effort to learn how to write a horror novel you will notice how other authors describe the scene of the event in great detail. This creates a vivid image in the reader’s mind. It will be easier to tap into the reader’s fears if they have placed themselves in the scene.

Learning the importance of the setting of a novel is an important part of learning how to write a horror novel. The setting of the horror novel includes the time in which the story is set and the place where the events of the story occur. It is important to take time and decide carefully on the setting of your story. A proper setting makes the difference between a successful novel and a failed one. The setting of your novel is secondary in importance only to the characters of your story.

A proper setting will make your story believable. Readers will only feel the full effect of a horror novel if they believe that the events could actually take place. A proper setting draws them into the novel and helps them to participate in the events alongside the characters in the book. Ask someone to choose a setting for a horror story and the response will probably be: ”Use your imagination”. But that’s not strictly the right approach. It’s all very well to let your mind conjure up images of chainsaw-wielding zombies roaming the highway in search of fresh blood to appease the zombie king who lives on a haunted island in the middle of a lake… but how do you make the story believable? Your imagination may give you a great idea for a horror story, but that’s just the first step towards creating something to capture your readers’ attention.foggy

A healthy dose of reality is what turns an idea and plot-line into a horror story. The good horror writer will use plenty of reality to bring his story to life, creating a world that will ultimately terrify his readers. Inspiration is everywhere, and when creating the setting for your story you probably don’t have to look very far. The trick is to use your words to paint a typical scene one with which most people are familiar , perhaps a place where they feel safe. Then add a couple of sentences to imply that perhaps all is not as it seems and there’s something not quite right with this picture.

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One thought on “Setting the Scene

  1. I found the last paragraph to be particularly helpful in suggesting how to get started.

    You can see how in a safe place–or with a person you feel you can trust–it would be really effective to introduce an element of surprise that any reader could relate with just by tapping into their own life experience, or what might seem like typical unreasonable fears. Didn’t we all have a monster under the bed?

    In this way you can startle anyone just by putting a new face on it, or daring to invade their security with something unspeakable–the one thing that they are certain could or should never happen here….