Create a Professional Studio at Home

Anyone can record a great audio book, however you should know how to choose or prepare your home studio, and how to plan and staff your production.

Create a home studio for audio book recordingRecording Environment
An imperative thing to watch is the level of unwanted noise creep into the final recording. It’s very obvious that you would want as low as possible. The environment influence this a lot.

Furniture and Flooring: The room furnishings, flooring and walls affect the sound of recording and how boisterous the recording is. Choose a space with very little ambient noise. Wide open spaces with nothing on the walls can bounce the sound all over. Use blankets, foam, whatever you can to dampen the sound. A fuller room sound duller and deader and adversely affect the direct signal to reach the microphone.

Electronic Noise: An inexpensive microphone connected into a portable PC in a kitchen will definitely give you a boisterous recording, not just from the noise that the cheap mouthpiece makes itself, additionally the clamor of the PC fan can effect your recording. It is worth knowing that the some lights can add their own particular sound. The software you choose will have an effect on how well your recording comes out as well.

Creating a Pro Studio At Home
The main advantage of using a professional studio with proper recording rooms over a home studio is their will be very little unwanted noise in the recording, making a more intelligible, pleasant and engaging listening experience, reducing ‘drop-off’ of your listeners.

Studio recording cabins are sound-proof to radically lessen or stop external sounds getting recorded. That is the thing that make recording studios different from your home. There are numerous things that you can do to make a home recording sound like studio recording.

Pick the Right Room: As mentioned earlier, a room with wooden floor with bare walls and minimum or no furniture will sound far much better than a carpeted room full of furniture, wall hangings and curtain.

Pick a Microphone To Suit: There are number of approaches to record your audio-book. Each of them results in different level of quality. You can choose among a simple inexpensive microphone plugged into a computer like the Blue Snowball USB Microphone  currently priced at around $53.00 on Amazon to professional studio with good quality amplifiers and microphones.

Each microphone has its unique sound; some have dull sound, some have bright. One microphone feature may suit one person’s voice but not the other. The price of microphones vary from $30 – to thousands of dollars. Its best to do some research before buying a microphone that best suits your pocket and your voice.

Your audio needs proofing as much, if not more, than your text manuscript.

When someone other than you is proofing your audio, it frees the narrator to concentrate on engaging the listener more. If you yourself are the narrator of your book, try to engage a friend to play the role of a critique and proofer.