how to write a bookWriting Basics, Creating cohesion

When writing a novel cohesion is the link that is created in the written work. Cohesive elements provide the link that is needed in the structure of the writing as they expose the relationships between concepts and ideas in a written work. The paragraphs in a text should be linked as well as the sentences and words. The kind of cohesion in a text has a direct impact on the appeal of the work.

There are various elements that promote cohesion in a text, for instance there are those words that are used to show the numerical order in a text.

Words such as first, finally, equally important, show numeric progression.

Cause and effect order is shown through words such as – because, since, and consequently.

The comparison is signaled using words such as – conversely, however, and rather.

Time order is illustrated through the use of words such as – after, next, then, earlier.

Cohesion also requires a spatial order in the work that is written, and this will involve the use of words such as – below, above, and outside

The writer shall intentionally plan the use of these cohesive elements as they have a big impact on the content and the communication that is in the text. Cohesion does not only promote the communication in the text, but it also helps in developing the story line for the author. The flow of the plot should be recognizable from the reading process, and the reader should be able to follow the flow of events without struggling. Cohesion is very important in writing as it also helps in creating an aesthetic appeal for the written work.