Audio Books

Create and audio bookAudio can open up new markets and income streams for self published writers; however you might need to invest a lot of energy, exertion, and cash.

“We’re not just standing there reading a book into a mic,” says Jeffrey Kafer, a professional voiceover artist who has recorded audio-books for the likes of Clive Barker and Maya Banks. “So much else goes into it.”

Indie authors attempting to produce audio-books have a number of options, some more labor intensive and pricier than others.

The ACX Option
In case you’re searching for turnkey, Audio-book Creation Exchanges one of the more prevalent forms is . Facilitated by Amazon’s Audible, ACX is an online market that connects narrators, authors and producers.

The initial step is at ACX is for indie authors to affirm they possess the sound rights to their material. After that, writers need to make a profile depicting what they’re searching for in a narrator and upload excerpts from their books. What takes after is a throwing call of sorts – narrators can contact authors, and vice versa with sample recordings.

There is a huge number of voice-over artist available on the platform of ACX, it’s suggested to choose an experienced artist for the task, says Michele Cobb, president of the Audio Publishers Association. “You want someone with experience, especially on ACX where there are thousands of narrators,” she says. “Look for somebody with vocal training who also has a theatrical background.”

When you finally select a narrator, two approaches are there to make a deal. You have a choice to offer the narrator a royalty share i.e. 20% of the future sales revenue or a set fee for every completed hour of recorded sound. Indie authors who pick a royalty share deal on ACX get 40% of sales revenue.