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Tips for audio Recording

Tips for audio recordingIt sounds fun but recording audio can actually be very tiring. Usually people get exhausted after a couple of hours only. You got to have a lot of energy to deliver your best.

Some Tips To Manage Yourself During The Audio Process

  • To make sure you have sufficient energy to record the audio, you should schedule the recording session in intervals. This will keep your voice fresh and your audience will not find weariness in your voice. Having a particular time planned will likewise guarantee you complete the recording and production in a reasonable measure of time.
  • Try to keep away from dairy before recording or anything that may give you an abundance of mucus or block up your throat. Have a go at cleaning your teeth and set a routine so you know when your voice is ready for audio recording. In case you’re sick or your voice is influenced in any capacity, you’ll have to defer, as one of the ACX prerequisites is to keep your voice same throughout recording sessions.
  • If you’re recording around during mealtimes, ensure you bring some snacks with you. Tummy thundering, can destroy a recording session! Furthermore, don’t eat anything like peanut butter that gives you a “cloggy” mouth feel.
  • Have control over your voice while recording so hat you don’t end up with a exhausted breath. Some people need to take a break for deep breathing amid longer recording sessions. In such scenario a voice coach is recommended if you record more often. Professional actors and voice artists can record for a much longer period as they have mastered this.
  • You should read from a Kindle, tablet or other electronic gadgets to avoid page turning sound. Make sure you turn off all wifi connections and set your cell phones to Airplane mode as they can make static noise on the audio.
  • You will discover things that you need to alter, while you are reading your book aloud. You can make changes very conveniently if you are self publishing your book. Just make notes on Kindle (or any other electronic gadget that you use) and update your ebook file later. Some authors have even started the practice of recording audio before publishing the ebook as they believe reading aloud give them a new perspective on editing.
  • Only make audio versions of books which are likely to remain same for few years. If you have book like technical book that need changes every year, then there will be a lot of things to update.
  • Each ACX file should be a single chapter of the book. This will make it simpler to upload later. You will also have to create opening and closing credits, the content of which is given in the ACX technical notes.